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I Have to Walk in the Sunlight

from Mr. Apocalypse is Coming by Les Visible



I have to walk in the sunlight
I have to sit in the sun
The Lord of Heaven is smiling
Smiling on everyone

I to have to wait in the present
There's nowhere else I can be
I have to stop all my thinking
Until I'm no longer me

Boats float by in the ocean
Clouds float by in the sky
Existence goes on forever
And nobody knows why

We come and go
If you wonder why
For this demon's laugh
And Angels Cry
And you wonder why
The darkness of end times leads into the light
And the dawn brings an end to night

They says Jesus lives on the hardline
The devil, he lives in the mind
I'm crucified here between them
Hanging on the cross of time

Somehow my heart can transcend this
Somehow it rises again
As it was the beginning
So it will be at the end

Vanity darks every footstep
Howls at the full of the moon
Voice in the darkness is singing
Sometimes it carries out of tune

We come and go
If you wonder why
For this demon's laugh
And Angels cry
The darkness of end times feed into the light
Dawn will bring an end to the night


from Mr. Apocalypse is Coming, track released May 17, 2018


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