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Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire

by Les Visible



A true story and in real time...


I met you at the grand Wailea, it surely seemed like fate
You came walking toward me smiling, like I wouldn't have to wait
We had some fun for awhile, until you blew a valve somewhere
And I just started walking, I was getting out of there

But you tracked me down some time later, and you made my heart go south
I figured I could look real stupid after, but right now I'd kiss your mouth

Bad dogs and barbed wire, that's what your love became
Bad dogs and concertina wire
I'll never be the same, I'll never be the same

I was going up to Edmonton Canada, to see a holy man
You said you'd come and see me there, it sounded like a plan
I dreamed about the time we's spend together, I had forgotten that you were nuts
I went like a lamb to slaughter a Chinese death of a thousand cuts
It went one way and it went another and I still don't understand
How you turned into the beat from revelations while I was eating from your hand


You tore me a brand new something, now it hurts every time I go
I know that you're still out there somewhere it makes my blood run cold
You look just like Hermannubis, the Egyptian God of the dead
And remind me of all the psychopaths in the thrillers I have read


I need the witness protection program, so that I can hide from you
I'm afraid you'll show up some day and I really will be screwed
And not in the way that I wanted to be with sweet fruits and champagne
More like the Christians and the lions with lots of excruciating pain

CHORUS "down boy!!!"

You keep calling and you keep writing, you are hot on my trail
I think I'll rob a bank somewhere and hope they lock me up in jail
You go to be the meanest and strangest woman I've ever met anywhere
When you go to the gynecologist he prescribes dental care.

Aw I better change my name and move to Minnesota, I could marry a dairy cow and have cheese for children
Then go to the Packers games and hide in the bleachers under some pretty girls butt. Swim down a storm drain, anything! I'll get breast implants and plastic surgery make me look like Madonna then I can go chase Cuban boys around Miami. Then maybe you won't recognize me if I sit down to pee. Aw you scare me. You remind me of those half-invisible winged things from The Lord of The Rings...help me...help me...


released July 14, 2019


all rights reserved


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