"I guess we've all been here but we haven't always acted like this (me neither) but it would have been so nice if we had."


If I don't get to sing you
A private serenade
I hope you know I wanted to
It would have made my day

To hold you close as close could be
Until there's only one
If only for a little while
It would have made me young

There's a silken fountain
There's a true release
And if I don't get to show it to you
Then may I wish you peace

If I don't get to kiss you
Ah that would be so sad
It feels like I am supposed to
Like I already have

Life is such a mystery
So deep and so profound
Like looking in your eyes
And watching myself drown


If I don't get to feed you
I hope that you get fed
I wish you all the finest
And blessings on your head

Somewhere we are together
If only in my mind
But I just keep believing
I know what I will find



from Les Visible, The Album, track released September 1, 2002


all rights reserved


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