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Listening to God in the Morning

from The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

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"If only we did listen to God in the morning we wouldn't have so much trouble later in the day."


What does it take to be a human being?
What does it take to take your head from the sand?
What does it take to hear God in the morning?
Are we all saved? Are we all damned?

I went to China to see the queen
She gave me a rose but it died on the train
I went to Africa to see the war
I was not born with castles in Spain

There's a pot on the fire, cooking so slow
And it's filled with the plots of old hatred
And they serve it up with slogans and songs
That make torture and violence sacred

And we are the dupes of the armchair crew
From the smoke filled boardrooms of Satan
Who sit and play chess with Arabs and Jews
And deaths' always served there's no waiting

Oh give me a wide incredible sky
That is only hung up for he looking
And I'll lay in the sun until kingdom come
And rise on the first breeze of morning

What does it take to give and not take?
Unless you can give in the taking
What does it take to release your dark need?
When your own heart can tell you it's breaking

Oh we hear the thunder and tremble in bed
Then we wake to do evil not knowing
The cravings that drive us like devils possessed
Toward the gates of an unwanted fortune

No matter how great are the towers of ruin
Or the demons that drive men to war
You can go free as the stream to the sea
If you have love and want nothing more

Oh give me a bright unsinkable ship
That will sail me through storm and confusion
Let love be the light house that rules the night tide
And I'll laugh like the sun with the angels

Love is a clean sharp sword to the heart
and it cuts to the quick silent center
And God alone goes cause only God goes
And we are the path that he's making

What does it take? I don't even know
I'm only a finger that's pointing
The unspoken word is the one spoken truth
When you listen to God in the morning
When you listen to God in the morning


from The Sacred and The Profane, track released October 3, 2007


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